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Electric Dab Rig: Trending Inhaling Device

Electric Dab Rig

Electric Dab Rig is an electric devices used for medicine as well as for happiness. It is an inhaling product and is easily portable. It comes with a battery-powered heat source. On turning on the electricity power, the dab rig starts heating up without fire. In this article, all the aspects of the electric dab rig are described, like parts of the dab rig and their role, their temperature, usage, Cleaning, pricing and life duration, benefits, kinds, advantages, disadvantages, and summary.


Parts of an Electric Dab Rig

It comes in five parts. Their names and workings are described below:-

  1. Mouthpiece: It is a wide pipe-like tube used to inhale from an electric dab rig.
  2. Banger: It is like a bowl where concentrates are placed and heated. They are of various materials like ceramic, Glass, Titanium and Quartz.
  3. Dome: It is the protective part of an electric dab rig as a dab rig requires high temperature so it protects someone from burning. It also protects the vapor from wasting and wandering.
  4. Downstream: It is a tube-like structure, which is the reason for the bubbling of water. It is inserted into the base of the electric dab rig. Actually, it is the main part which connects all the other parts.
  5.  Chamber: It is the largest part of the electric dab rig. It is the water storage area. They are of various shapes, colors, sizes, and materials.

Temperature setting of Electric Dab Rig

Temperature-controlling features of an electric dab rig depend on the companies to companies. Some companies give color schemes and come having, and some have voltage to show the current temperature. Some companies provide HD screens, and some provide mobile phone applications. Usually an electric dab rig gives the facility of one control button with three stages of heat. It is made for the ease of the beginner of electric dab rigs users.

Usage and Cleaning of electric dab rig

Electric Dab Rig


First of all add water to the dabbing rigs electric. Now, use a dabbing scoop to dab into the atomizer. To regulate the airflow let the carb cap place over the chamber and let the heat low or high according to control the vaporization. When once you turn on the atomizer, wait a few seconds to melt the dab, and it’s ready to inhale.

Cleaning of electric dab rigs is not rocket science. You just need to soak the parts like the bubbler, bucket, and coil atomizer in cleaning solution or alcohol, then let them dry and clean them with a dry cloth or tissue paper.

Battery Duration and Pricing

Sometimes it has good timings but sometimes it lasts up to 8 to 10 sessions. You have to check frequently its USB Changing ports to know what type of charger it prefers.

Pricing of the dabbing rigs varies depending on different features they have, like quality, material, and property of having corded or cordless. Minimally the cost of an electric dab rig starts from 50$ and goes up to 500$ or more.

Benefits of Electric Dab Rig

Electric bit rigs offer numerous advantages over traditional dab gears. For starters, they eliminate the requirement for a lantern, which some find bothersome and tough. Electric dab rigs are likewise much easier to operate as they call for fewer steps, making them an exceptional choice for beginners.

They usually come with temperature control setups, permitting users to select the optimal temperature for their concentrates, leading to much better flavor and smoother hits. Another benefit of electric dab rigs is their transportability. Unlike typical rigs, they often tend to be much more portable and durable and don’t call for additional equipment.

Lastly, electric dab rigs are usually much more eco-friendly, considering that they do not require disposable equipment and can be utilized repeatedly. In general, if you’re searching for a more convenient, user-friendly, and environment-friendly means to swab, an electrical bit rig might be simply what you require!


Electric Dab Rig Kind

Electric Dab Rig

There are a few sorts of electric dab rigs out there, each with its very own perks.

– The most typical kind of electric bit gear is the e-nail, which attaches to a power source and has temperature level controls for its burner. E-nails generally need a separate bit gear that the burner connects to, yet the term is often utilized reciprocally to consist of standalone electrical dab gears also.

– Mobile bit gears are smaller and much more portable, excellent for a spontaneous dab sesh on the move.

– Bit pens are likewise great– they’re like common vape pens, however, for concentrates and provide a discreet, ultra-portable experience.

– If you’re a real pro, you must check out desktop computer vaporizers, which are larger and more powerful and have progressed temperature level controls for concentrates and dry blossom as well.

  Advantages of Electric Dab Rig

  1. Because of their small size, they are easily portable.
  2. No fire is required for the use of heat.
  3. They come with a proper kit, so they are convenient to use.
  4. Easy to clean as cleaning accessories come with its kit.
  5. It doesn’t use any fire for heating, so it’s easy to use.
  6. Easy to use for newbies.
  7. It has more hold on controlling temperature.
  8. It has a pleasant fragrance.
  9. It is used to relieve severe pain and inflation.
  10. It is a fast way to heat and prepare cannabis concentrates and is used instantly.


Disadvantages of Electric Dab Rig

  1. As they are dependent on rechargeable batteries th, they need electricity to charge
  2. They are probably more costly than the traditional dab rig.
  3. There are possibilities that they may lead to malfunction of the product as they have built in elements.
  4. It is a fact that they are a little bit harmful to health.


In the end, it is stated that this inhaling product can be used for both reasons to get happiness and satisfaction and also for medical use. It is pleasant in taste and has good fragrance. It rarely has side effects, but it doesn’t lead to major diseases. So, they should only be used for the welfare of humanity as they work as anti-inflammatories and reduce severe body pain.


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